The Official list of BLOGS

Why a page devoted to blogs?  Well – there are a lot of blogs out there that I either read regularly – or at least check in on from time to time!  Especially since I’m a part of the wonderful Etsy Bloggers Team 🙂  If I have them all listed in the side bar of my blog it would make for a VERY long list, so this is my solution to that problem!  I’ve grouped blogs here by headings that make the most sense to me, if you don’t see your blog here, and you know I stop by regularly, let me know!  I’m forgetful sometimes.  Ok a lot of the time 😉

Contest Blogs:

These are blogs that regularly do contests and giveaways.  Always fun to enter because you never know when you might win something!  And who doesn’t like winning things? I know I do!

Simply Sentimental – This gal both hosts giveaways and regularly features her favorite finds on etsy 🙂

The Giveaway – New giveaway’s all the time – check back frequently!

Awesome Etsy Artists:

These are some great artists that I’ve gotten acquainted with in one way or another and are not a part of any of my current teams 🙂

Borsa Bella Design Co. – These gals create some seriously awesome bags!  I tend to find something to covet every time I visit their shop…

Dragon’s Breath – This awesome artist does some incredible wood burning!  I have one of her magnets on my fridge 😀

Eastern Wa. Etsy Team – These ladies helped me get my start on etsy and I really miss them as I now live on the other side of the state!

Gecko Jewelry – This gal has sooo much energy!  She was basically a mentor for me as I started out on etsy 🙂

Home of the Gumbles – What are gumbles?  Good question!  I’ll tell you they are really cute and let you find out the rest for yourself 😛

Nicole’s Visions – She does gorgeous photography and is passionate about causes like breast cancer awareness.

PEACE of art a day – This crafty lady has dedicated herself to a year’s worth of one art peace dedicated to peace a day!

The ChainMaille Lady – Her work is simply INCREDIBLE!

WhiMSy love – This WhiMSicaL blogs is one of my favorite to read when I need a pick-me-up, go see why!

Big Damn Crafters:

This fantastic street team is dedicated to the memory of that wonderful show, Firefly.

Om Shanti Handicrafts – This is awesome gal does a little bit of it all – I love reading her blog!

Etsy Bloggers Street Team:

I honestly just love these guys 🙂  We talk on-line ALL the time and they are incredibly supportive!  I have to admit I haven’t listed EVERY team members blogs, just the one’s I see the most 😛

A Cozy Life – This blogs just, in a word, cozy 😉

A Keeper’s Jackpot – There’s always something fun going on over here!

Beaded Tail – Animal lover extraordinaire – and it shows in her work!

Etsy Bloggers Street Team – What would a team about blogging be with out their own team blog?

LazyTcrochet – I love her crochet work!

Magdalene Jewels – This is the wonderful gal who shared with me the secret to making youtube videos of your work!

Miesmama – Clever, creative, fun  🙂

Miss Millificent’s World – With a flair that takes the cake (literally) this blog is always fun to read 🙂

My Aphrodite Jewelry – Creative and Beautiful.

Nora’s Blog – She’s currently working to post something EVERY day!

Panoptica – For a view at the world through her eyes…

Scottie  Acres – For the love of dogs and art 🙂

Shell Mitchell Accessories – Creator of the BEST fingerless gloves ever!  Oh, and a great blog too…

Spotted Cow Soaps – Our beloved Miss Moo 🙂

Stroll Through Storyland – Story beader has a gift with words that shows up both in her shop, and in her blog.

Stoneweaver – You can learn a lot about stones and their uses and properties from this blog!

The Copper Cauldron – I affectionately call her my Witchy-dear, and she’s an awesome lady!

Tote-n-tots – Lots of great advice in here!

TuLips Talking – This gal is a major source of encouragement to me and I love reading her blogs!

Two Zany Zebras – Zany and fun, this blog is a must read!


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