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An Artist Revealed…

I was recently tagged that by Spirit Mama in a blog game!  I’m supposed to reveal 6 secrets about myself and then tag six others so…here goes! And sorry, not all of these are really secrets…

1. I can’t keep my hands still.  I mean, not like they shake (well except for when I’m all drugged up for asthma), but I always have to be doing something with them!  All the time!  If I don’t have anything to play with, I go for my rings, earrings, necklace, bracelet…

2. I once had an ER Tech offer to go through the drive-through at the place I worked so I wouldn’t have to bother with calling in.

3. I deal with severe chronic depression and I was suicidal when I was younger.  No, you don’t have to worry about me killing myself now, and all my etsy friends go a long ways as a natural therapy for depression! Thanks everyone!

4. I’ve danced on tv, twice.  I’ve also been known to dance in the middle of store isles, on random stages not currently in use, on the side of the freeway, and even in a War Memorial that looks like Stonehenge.

5. I own over 400 books – ok, not a secret, but a fun fact 🙂

6. I’ve been known to do whatever I can to freak out telemarketers.  When I was unmarried my phone was listed with just my first initial and my last name.  So when people called asking for Mr. or Mrs. Andersen I’d freak out, “would you people quit calling me? He’s dead ok! Let me mourn in peace!”  Or I’d ask when I’d married my brother…  Yes, I know, I’m mean, but I honestly didn’t do that more than maybe, 10 times?

Ok now it’s your turn! I’m too tired to think of who I want to nominate that I don’t already know has been nominated…so I’m just going to challenge YOU to reveal all!