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Rebels Are We – Progress Report

I had these fancy ideas that I would keep track of the hours put in on the project, take a picture every 5 hours, and post updates that way.  Well, that was a nice theory except 5 hours came and went with no ability to take a photo.  Hours tracking has fallen by the wayside as well.  I think I’m a little over 7 hours at this point.

I realized early on that it was a great thing that I had this on my computer so I can write all over the printed design as much as I want.  After the first few times of having to pull things out because I had screwed up, again, I started drawing lines through each row as I finished it.  Helps a LOT.  I’ve still made mistakes and had to pull things out…but no where near as many as I would have other wise!

Anyway, I’m getting close to finishing the first side!  The pattern is dark – but I like it.  Just almost impossible to photograph…


Why yes, I AM a geek!

Manifestations of my geekiness have long been evident in my day to day life.  Everything from the little green Yoda that sits on my book case, to the many sci-fi and fantasy books I own, and of course the jedi-cape that my stuffed Koala bear wears!  Most recently I joined a team on etsy full of people dedicated to the memory of the show Firefly.

And now, the latest evidence of my geekiness, a bracelet dedicated to the show Heroes!

But that’s not all folks!  The geekiness continues…  Over the last few days I’ve been working on designing a whole line of “geek themed” bracelets!  Look forward to Mario, Legend of Zelda, Batman, and more to be debuting in the next few months 🙂

Only problem is going to be fitting this in around my many other projects I’ve got going…

Loving the Beads <3

Ok, so this is SUCH an over due blog!  I’ve been planning on writting this for days and for some reason it just keeps not getting written.  In my defense – life has been insane lately.

One of my goals has been to review items that I buy on etsy so that you guys get to see wonderful things that I get!  Free publicity for the sellers right?

The first is actually not beads.  Despite the title of my blog 😛  I got some AWESOME lip balm from rachel323.  Here’s the pic she had up to advertise it:

I forgot to take a picture of the actual lip balm, but I can say that I love it!  Rachel was really sweet when my original purchase got lost in the mail.  Not only did she send me an new tube, she sent an extra one!  I was so surprised!  And honored 😀  It’s not a scent that I like, BUT I’m going to give it one of my best friends and I can’t WAIT to see how she likes it 🙂  I definitely will be buying more when I have money 🙂  I’m thinking blackberrry, cappuccino, and fresh lime

Now on to the beads!

My friend who runs breathofthedragon recently put up some beads on destash – and I snapped ’em up!  Not sure yet exactly what I’m going to do with them, but they are gorgeous shells 🙂

I recently custom ordered some beads to go with a pendant I traded for with my friend gogokioko:

The beads are shaped like coffee beans!  They are reddish and I’ve got a few ideas of how I’ll use them with some wood beads I have to make a wonderfully addictive necklace 🙂

I also bought these from the same seller, crazyladybeads.  I don’t know precisely what I’m going to do with them yet.  I might put them in a fancy bracelet or I might make some spendy and fancy earrings…

Lastly, but definitely not least I went CRAZY in justDESTASHbeads and bought WAY more than I should – but the price was sooooo righ!  Imagine my joy when I opened the pack and saw all of these…

Oh yes I’m a happy girl 🙂  The only down side is…I had to leave most of my beads in Ellensburg when I came home to stay with my parents for a week while Moses finished packing up our apartment 😦  I’ve been keeping myself busy with weaving projects and doing designing!  And, the good news is, I’ll have plenty to keep myself busy with over the next month or two as I hope and pray for orders to come in to replenish my bank account!

Works in Progress

I have this dream in my head, a dream of myself as a well-established jewelry artist.  Totally prepared for each season and trend that comes along.  Planning in advance and not scrambling to make my ideas a reality in time for them to fit in with the season or current themes.

I think it’s a wild pipe-dream, but a girl needs to dream right?

Right now I’m juggling putting together three lines of jewelry, being sick, and moving.  Yes, I’m insane. 😛  Working hard to remind myself that it’s ok if I don’t reach all of my goals due to my health problems.  I’ve certainly had a lot of set backs due to them recently!

Speaking of which, thank you so much for all the encouragement and support from everyone who commented on my last blog post or who’s been talking to me in the forums.  You guys are wonderful and I don’t know what I’d do with out you!

Now, back to the jewelry…

The Colors of Fall

Yup, that’s what I’m calling my “Fall line.”  I feel rather silly calling it a line, but that’s the term jewerly artists tend to use and since it is a set of jewelry with a common theme…that being the colors…I decided I’ll call it my fall line and just feel silly while I say it 😛

Some of the pieces you’ll find are simply items I already had in my shop that are appropriate to the time and season.  Like this Wise Old Owl Necklace that I have:

I am also working on adding new pieces though!  My recent increase in health problems has made that harder, but here’s one of the new pieces!

As with any project, there have been set backs with this one.  I was planning on putting this line up two weeks ago and I can’t even begin to catalog the problems I ran into with finishing up pieces!  I have one piece I made that I love, but due to apparently needing smaller needles I had two beads break.  I’ve decided to tear it apart and remake it before I list it, but I have to get new needles before I can do that.  Here’s a sneak preview of it though 🙂

If anyone’s interested in pre-ordering it just request a custom item and tell me you’d like my FIRE necklace!

Looking Forward:

We’re only a week and a half from October!  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I’ve decided I wanted to do what I can to support this cause.  To that end I’m working on a line of jewelry that I will start posting up next week hopefully, and I will be carrying a special section in my shop.

I’m really excited about my pink ribbon bracelet that I’m weaving!  Here’s a sneak peak:

I’m having a lot of fun with it 🙂 I’m adapting it from a cross-stitch pattern I found on-line and using pink thread which shows through the white beads a little to add to it’s over all pinkness 🙂  Only problem: I need smaller needles because the one’s I have keep breaking beads.  So, until I get to the store, I have to put this on hold.  I’m hoping to get to the store in the next day or two though so I can have this piece done in time!

During the month of October any item sold from my Breast Cancer Awareness Section will have 25% of the proceeds donated to the Susan G. Koman Fund, and any other sales made will result in a 10% donation of the proceeds.  I’ll keep you updated on how much that comes too!

Face-Lift Time Baby!

Now, in general, I don’t approve of face-lifts.  I mean, I guess I don’t disapprove of them, but I would never choose to go through the pain and expense of having someone cut on my face.  I just can’t see the appeal.  *shuddder*  HOWEVER – when that face-lift is of the virtual kind, for a web-site, I hardily approve!  😀

That’s what I’ve spent a good portion of my day doing, giving the blog a much needed face-lift.  I still have a few ideas in the works, and I’ll update you as they come out, but I’m more than happy for today :D.  The other projects will be put on hold until at least tomorrow, if not longer.

So what’s new?  Well, first of all and most obvious, I have a new blog layout!  Different colors and a new banner!  I like the clean look of this layout a lot better than my last one.  I’ve been wanting to change it for awhile but I was waiting until the banner was ready.

Second, I got rid of the random blog links on the side bar.  I have too many blogs that I visit and the list would be WAY too extensive other wise.  So I created a page just for blogs!  I think this will be much more manageable.

Lastly, I just signed up for a Project Wonderful Account!  What’s that?  Well, I’ll let them tell you…  I’ve applied to have add space on the side of this blog and I hope to have that appearing VERY soon!  In the meantime, I have an account and an add, so let me know if you have add space on your blog!  I’d love to bid to be there 🙂

I’m a Believer!

Ok everyone – I am SO excited! A big thanks goes out to MagdaleneJewels for showing first showing me her videos – and then writing this blog tutorial on how to do them!

That’s right folks – I just created my own video of MY jewelry to put on youtube!  Will anything come out of this? You never know…

Go check it out 🙂

Busy, busy girl…

I’ve been so busy with business stuff it’s incredible!  I’m on a roll and having fun though 🙂  Last night I spent some time organizing a bit of the mess that’s accumulated while I haven’t been feeling well.  Today I went through and cought up on all that boring book keeping that goes along with running a business.  BUT, while that was boring, I did have fun chatting all day with the ladies on our etsybloggers forum thread! They kept me sane – and meant it took much longer than I thought to do the bookwork 😛  But it’s done and I’m only a $1 from having done $500 in sales since this started!  Unfortunately my investment numbers are still pretty high in comparison, but it’s a start and it has me excited!

I’m doing my first Saturday Night Special in my store!  Apparently a lot of buyers look at this thread in the forums every week, so I’m really hoping it works to get me some more sales!  Gotta work on gaining back my investment you know!  Especially since I’m SUCH a sucker for buying beads…  Oh yes, and I’ll try and remember to update you tomorrow on how all that goes 🙂

I was saddened today to read about a tragedy that a member of our dear etsy community was involved in.  My heart goes out to their family and to all the people currently dealing with the tragedy being wrought by the hurricanes.

I was excited to read today about Etsy’s Holiday Marketing plans, but immediately my mind started racing out of control on all the stuff I should be figuring out and how little prepared I am!  Then I reminded myself to calm down, it’s not even October yet, and tackle this all one day at a time.  What does that mean?  It means stop worrying to far ahead silly Ruthie!  I have plenty of big projects to worry about right here, right now.

Speaking of projects…

I’ve started organizing the first ever EtsyBloggers Trunk show!  I’m really excited about this sale that we’ll be holding in the Virtual Labs probably in November.  It’s a lot of work – but it’s also a TON of fun!  And, hopefully the work will pay off with some big $$$ for our team members!  (and me too please!)

And another project…

I’m making some samplers right now and I created these lovely’s last night!

They won’t be appearing in my shop (all but two are definately one of a kind), but it got me excited to pursue starting a line of charms that can be used on your cell phone, purse, bag, wallet, zipper, wherever!  I want to get a different attachment thingy though.  Something more versatile.  I know what I want just not what it’s called 😛  I figured I’d use these up though while I have them 😛  Their from a project about, oh, 5 years ago?  So this line probably won’t come out until I have that one little piece purchased in the most cost effective manner possible – but it should be out with plenty of time for Christmas!