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Loving the Beads <3

Ok, so this is SUCH an over due blog!  I’ve been planning on writting this for days and for some reason it just keeps not getting written.  In my defense – life has been insane lately.

One of my goals has been to review items that I buy on etsy so that you guys get to see wonderful things that I get!  Free publicity for the sellers right?

The first is actually not beads.  Despite the title of my blog 😛  I got some AWESOME lip balm from rachel323.  Here’s the pic she had up to advertise it:

I forgot to take a picture of the actual lip balm, but I can say that I love it!  Rachel was really sweet when my original purchase got lost in the mail.  Not only did she send me an new tube, she sent an extra one!  I was so surprised!  And honored 😀  It’s not a scent that I like, BUT I’m going to give it one of my best friends and I can’t WAIT to see how she likes it 🙂  I definitely will be buying more when I have money 🙂  I’m thinking blackberrry, cappuccino, and fresh lime

Now on to the beads!

My friend who runs breathofthedragon recently put up some beads on destash – and I snapped ’em up!  Not sure yet exactly what I’m going to do with them, but they are gorgeous shells 🙂

I recently custom ordered some beads to go with a pendant I traded for with my friend gogokioko:

The beads are shaped like coffee beans!  They are reddish and I’ve got a few ideas of how I’ll use them with some wood beads I have to make a wonderfully addictive necklace 🙂

I also bought these from the same seller, crazyladybeads.  I don’t know precisely what I’m going to do with them yet.  I might put them in a fancy bracelet or I might make some spendy and fancy earrings…

Lastly, but definitely not least I went CRAZY in justDESTASHbeads and bought WAY more than I should – but the price was sooooo righ!  Imagine my joy when I opened the pack and saw all of these…

Oh yes I’m a happy girl 🙂  The only down side is…I had to leave most of my beads in Ellensburg when I came home to stay with my parents for a week while Moses finished packing up our apartment 😦  I’ve been keeping myself busy with weaving projects and doing designing!  And, the good news is, I’ll have plenty to keep myself busy with over the next month or two as I hope and pray for orders to come in to replenish my bank account!


Tired and Happy

I did my second farmers market today – and it was a raging success!  I’m really tired…but not as sore and tired as I was after the last one!  Last time we nearly got blown away.  It was really exhausting!  This time we were in a better location in the market AND it wasn’t anywhere near as windy.  Great combination!  I’m still sore from tear down and set up and everything – but I’m counting that as the good muscle building sore.  I hope…

I’m out of school now so I’m scrambling to do all those business related projects that I just didn’t have time for around homework and all that.  Yesterday I took a whole TON of photos so that my entire inventory had at least ONE photo per item.  I’m sore from that too because my photo set up is on the floor…need to get it up on a table >_>  I’m planning on working on a new inventory system that will be easier when I do fairs and markets and I’ll label the photos to go with that.  *whew*

PLUS – the Ellensburg First Annual Etsy Fair is this Saturday!  I have a ton to do to get readdy for that too.  I think I’m going to be going non-stop business wise all week 🙂 Should be fun 😛  I’ll relax a little more after the show is over.

One awesome challange for preparing for the show next week is that I sold a lot in today’s market!  I trippled my sales from what I did in my first market!  I think having professionally designed earring cards and necklace strips really helped to attract attention.  The new display’s my friends Dad made me helped a TON too. 🙂

The beautiful thing about making so many sales is that I can afford to buy several things for the shop that I’ve been wanting to get.  The overwhelming thing is that I have to make a whole much more for Saturday than I had originally invisioned!  I’ve already started in on that making earrings and such.

Have a great week you all!

A day of fun and shopping!

Today’s been a productive day jewelry-wise.  I haven’t done much creating (although I’m all set up to start a project when I’m done writing this), but I did gather information and do some shopping!

The boring information and shopping is that Wal-Mart has padded mailer bags for way cheaper than anything I’d found here in my little small town!  That’s going to help as I review my shipping costs so I can make them as accurate and low as possible for my etsy customers.  I also found a little make-up pouch thing that has 3 pouches that will fit easily in my backpack so I can take my weaving projects with me on the go!

Now to the fun stuff 😀

I make a variety of styles of jewelry…as you can see from visiting my shop at…but the last day or two has been very focused on my woven projects.  I have one commission that I’m almost done with for my friend Stephanie’s Mom:

It’s kinda hard to see the pattern on this one because it doesn’t really photograph well.  It’s a basic diagonal pattern using a really dark grey for two rows and light green for one row…and so on and so on.  This is officially my most created bracelet!  I have one for sale up on etsy, made one just for Stephanie so that it was the perfect size, and now I’m making one for her mother!  I’ve repeated patterns before, but never this many times in the same color!  I’m still starting out in my jewelry business, so before now I’ve usually made them for myself and friends, which meant very little repeating.  It’s been a challenge to teach myself to remake the same item again and again.  I’m sure it’s good for me though.

I have another woven bracelet that I started while waiting for Stephanie to get back to me on what exact size her mother needed.  The idea was one of those that came to me while I was falling asleep one night.  It’s amazing how active my mind is during that time!  Fortunately I remembered it easily the next day and was able to sketch it.  Then I went out and found these beads:

I’m not much of a pink person myself, but these caught my eye and I thought they’d be perfect for the design I’d sketched!  What do you think?

I’m having a lot of fun with that one, but I’m putting it aside to start working on my newest commission which is a green and blue woven bracelet based off of this design.

I bought the beads for the newly commissioned bracelet today, some findings (ready made things like clasps), and for several other projects, I had a lot of fun!  Can you tell?