Friday’s Featured Artist!

Celtic Swirls

This weeks wonderful artist is a friend of mine!  Her name is Connie, but she goes by Sunfire on-line, and she runs the wonderful shop BreathoftheDragon!  I had a lot of fun in August when we both participated in the 1st Annual Ellensburg Craft Fair and got to chat and see each other’s work in person.  We’ve been chit-chatting on-line ever since and she never ceases to entertain and amuse me 😛 Not to mention I love her work!  But enough from me…I’ll let you get to know her for yourself!

1. Tell us your story, what got you started in this business?

I was in the US Navy for 5 years, got out back in April 2006 because I did not want to ruin my body to meet their physical standards (I had shin splints that only got worse because of the running test each year). I finished my time, and was Honorably Discharged. Within a year of being out, and living in a town in WV, without getting a job within biking distance, I had to move, so I told mom “Here I come.” Now I’m living at home here in Wenatchee with my mom (thank the Gods she loves me as much as she does). Being around her and the crafty aura kinda rubbed off, and I decided, in late 2007, that I wanted to be crafty and make money, too. So I picked up a hobby I had tried once before – wood burning. Over the holidays, I made quite a few pieces to pass the time while jobless (still), and I got quite a few encouraging words from friends and family. Someone suggested I list a few things on Etsy, and in January, I did. The rest is, well, history in the making.

Speaking of gel candles, she currently has as start-up kit and other supplies up on etsy on destash!

2. Do you make any other crafts?

— I’ve tried making gel-candles before, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did the wood burning. I would like to try a variety of things, including making my own incense. But there are also a lot of different crafty things I can do with my wood burning, as my current “to try” list shows: keychains, coasters, picture frames, candle holders, bookmarks, and maybe eventually using wood pieces in jewelry…

3. What’s your favorite piece you have up on etsy right now?

That’s tough. I can’t decide if my favorite piece is the one I had the most fun making (Gypsy trinket box: made for an Etsy Team Challenge);

The one I am most proud of (Dream / Cherish / Live);

Or the one that I personally just love the most (Kanji Elements magnet set).

4. Where do you do your work and what do you listen to while you work?

I usually work wherever, as long as I have somewhere to plug in my wood burning pens. I have a handy tempered glass mat to work on, which sits nicely on my lap. Most of the time, though, I can be found burning at my desk, where I spend a lot of time anyhow. As for what I listen to, if I’m not watching soaps with mom, I’ve got my XM Radio on. Sometimes it’s set to the dance channel, sometimes the Hitlist, just depends on my mood and what I’m making. Detailed pieces I like to hear soothing, ambient sounds. Simple yet repetitive work is good for the techno stuff.

5. Looking at your work you have everything from Chinese characters to Celtic swirls – what draws you to the patterns you use in your work?

I go with things I like, and I’ve always been one that likes a lot of different things. Also, I wanted to make sure I have a variety of stuff, for a variety of people. I do market to the Pagan population, but I don’t want to alienate other religions or cultures. Coming up soon you should see the Eye of Ra, dragonflies, fairies, dragons, and probably some more Kanji (Japanese writing) symbols. I am also open to custom orders, so if you like unicorns or angels, or flowers or anime, just ask. I’d love the chance to practice different styles and themes.

6. Tell us one random thing about yourself!

Besides the fact that I can be very random? *breaks out in the Smurfs theme song* LOL
Well, I go barefoot a lot. I love a man who lives over 5000 miles away, whom I last saw in 2002. I don’t eat certain foods because of their texture in my mouth. I have a bad habit of starting things but not finishing them (except this hobby so far). Hmm… I’m sure I could go on and on, but I’ll save you all from that 😉

Now here’s a few of my favorite pieces by Sunfire!

Sorry – you can’t buy this first one!

But how could I feature my friend without showing you the magnet I bought from her?

I love this Rose!

And I think this star is beautiful 🙂


9 responses to “Friday’s Featured Artist!

  1. Very interesting interview. I love celtic designs, so am happy to have found a new celtic website.
    Definitely one shop I will visit!

  2. Nice to meet you, Connie! I tried woodburning once…we didn’t get along well at all! Good luck with your job hunt and keep up the good work (on the handicrafts).

  3. Looks good, except where I left you a note and you must not have proofread it….

    with *my mom* [link those 2 words to]

    LOL! Otherwise, looks wonderful! Thanks!

  4. Nice interview … but her man is only 2700 miles away… as is alot of our family & friends.

  5. Lol – I proof read right over it 😛 Off to fix it…

  6. Beautiful work! I love those kanji symbols!

    Roseworks, I’ve tagged you on my blog, I hope you’re up for the challenge!

  7. Connie-
    Nice interview…Keep me posted on the Celtic designs. Love that stuff.
    Keep on burnin’..!!

  8. Breath of the Dragon! I love everything about this including the name!…. As a amateur pyrographer I am looking forward to a day when I too can accomplish such lovely things…!

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