Rebels Are We – Progress Report

I had these fancy ideas that I would keep track of the hours put in on the project, take a picture every 5 hours, and post updates that way.  Well, that was a nice theory except 5 hours came and went with no ability to take a photo.  Hours tracking has fallen by the wayside as well.  I think I’m a little over 7 hours at this point.

I realized early on that it was a great thing that I had this on my computer so I can write all over the printed design as much as I want.  After the first few times of having to pull things out because I had screwed up, again, I started drawing lines through each row as I finished it.  Helps a LOT.  I’ve still made mistakes and had to pull things out…but no where near as many as I would have other wise!

Anyway, I’m getting close to finishing the first side!  The pattern is dark – but I like it.  Just almost impossible to photograph…


4 responses to “Rebels Are We – Progress Report

  1. I used to bead… I carried my bead board everywhere!


    Giveaway on my blog!

  2. What’s it going to be? Looks great.

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