Featured Etsy Blogger – Joey and Aleethea!!!

That’s right folks – it’s time again to talk about this month’s featured etsy blogger – it it’s no other than our very own fearless leader Joey and Aleethea!!!  Now, the only sad part about this is that I KNOW Joey had a real name (I read it in another bloggers post) and I was so startled to hear it after thinking of her as Joey all this time … that it flew RIGHT out of my head!  *Sigh*

Joey is a great artist and wonderful team leader, and I’m sure an even better mother!  She tells us lots of wonderful stories about her adorable kids, sews like crazy, and somehow finds the time to lead our team with a gentle hand!  I’ve gotten to work with her a lot lately as I undertake a project for the team, and it’s been a great experience!  She’s very supportive and she’s ALWAYS telling me how much I rock – which I think is an exaggeration – but is always nice to hear!

Here’s a few of her wonderful pieces from her shop!

This retro muscle car outfit is my new favorite 🙂

And who wouldn’t love a monster onsie?

And what mother doesn’t need more cute burp clothes?

And anyone who’s ever cared for a baby knows how true this is:

Thanks for all you do for us Joey!


4 responses to “Featured Etsy Blogger – Joey and Aleethea!!!

  1. She’s got a real name?!?!?!

    (aka panoptica)

  2. Looking at your little monsters, next to our comments, I see you have a lot in common! I love joey’s monsters – not one bit scary! Great post.

  3. LOl – I never thought of that Story! They give you an option on here of what “fill in avatar” to use if the person isn’t a member of wordpress – and I just thought the mosters were adorable!

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