Busy, busy girl…

I’ve been so busy with business stuff it’s incredible!  I’m on a roll and having fun though 🙂  Last night I spent some time organizing a bit of the mess that’s accumulated while I haven’t been feeling well.  Today I went through and cought up on all that boring book keeping that goes along with running a business.  BUT, while that was boring, I did have fun chatting all day with the ladies on our etsybloggers forum thread! They kept me sane – and meant it took much longer than I thought to do the bookwork 😛  But it’s done and I’m only a $1 from having done $500 in sales since this started!  Unfortunately my investment numbers are still pretty high in comparison, but it’s a start and it has me excited!

I’m doing my first Saturday Night Special in my store!  Apparently a lot of buyers look at this thread in the forums every week, so I’m really hoping it works to get me some more sales!  Gotta work on gaining back my investment you know!  Especially since I’m SUCH a sucker for buying beads…  Oh yes, and I’ll try and remember to update you tomorrow on how all that goes 🙂

I was saddened today to read about a tragedy that a member of our dear etsy community was involved in.  My heart goes out to their family and to all the people currently dealing with the tragedy being wrought by the hurricanes.

I was excited to read today about Etsy’s Holiday Marketing plans, but immediately my mind started racing out of control on all the stuff I should be figuring out and how little prepared I am!  Then I reminded myself to calm down, it’s not even October yet, and tackle this all one day at a time.  What does that mean?  It means stop worrying to far ahead silly Ruthie!  I have plenty of big projects to worry about right here, right now.

Speaking of projects…

I’ve started organizing the first ever EtsyBloggers Trunk show!  I’m really excited about this sale that we’ll be holding in the Virtual Labs probably in November.  It’s a lot of work – but it’s also a TON of fun!  And, hopefully the work will pay off with some big $$$ for our team members!  (and me too please!)

And another project…

I’m making some samplers right now and I created these lovely’s last night!

They won’t be appearing in my shop (all but two are definately one of a kind), but it got me excited to pursue starting a line of charms that can be used on your cell phone, purse, bag, wallet, zipper, wherever!  I want to get a different attachment thingy though.  Something more versatile.  I know what I want just not what it’s called 😛  I figured I’d use these up though while I have them 😛  Their from a project about, oh, 5 years ago?  So this line probably won’t come out until I have that one little piece purchased in the most cost effective manner possible – but it should be out with plenty of time for Christmas!


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