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As I browse the forums on etys I’ve noticed lately that people are complaining about there not being enough buyers out there on etsy.  Too many sellers, not enough buyers, is the complaint.  People are wondering why etsy doesn’t do as much promoting as some other big sales sites such as Amazon or Ebay.  I noticed it when I was looking in the Ideas section of the forum.  In particular from this post.

Now, granted, I didn’t really read the rest of the thread.  My gut response was that etsy DOES advertise.  No, not in the same way as amazon and ebay, but this is a MUCH newer site.  It’s been around for what – three years now?  And this is more of a grass roots movement than it is a big money glomer.  I mean, that’s the natrue of the site after all.  It exists to support handmade items which lend themselves more towards word of mouth exposure than big corporate ideals.

Plus, with the rapid growth of the site, the team at etsy has their hands full hiring new staff and doing everything they can to keep the site growing and improving.  Maybe, given more time, some bigger advertising will take place.  Sure, that would be awesome, but they need to be READY for the growth that kind of exposure would give the site.  Are they ready for that right now?  Doubt it.

Back to they DO advertise.  The team does an cooperative advertising program in which they set up spots for ads in newspapers.  You can read more about that here.  And, do to the efforts of the members of etsy themselves, etsy finds its self getting press time all over the place!  Go here to see some of that … including an interview with Fox Business News, Rachel Ray, and Martha Stewert, not to mention all of the newspaper stories!

So you may be wondering, “if this girl didn’t even bother to read that entire forum thread, why is she getting up on her soap box now?”  Good question.  Answer number 1 – I was tired and kinda grumpy the night I stumbled across that particular thread 😛  Answer number 2 – I saw an article in the Storque today that made me laugh as I thought about the forum thread.  To quote them in just a small portion of their stats data from the month of August:

“96,100 new members joined the Etsy community, including 18,300 new sellers, both increases in sellers and buyers from last month.”

Hmm – by my calculator that equals 77,800 new buyers.  Or approximately 81% of the new members to etsy.  And that’s not even considering that most of the sellers on here, at least the one’s that I know, ALSO buy on etsy.

Makes you think don’t it?  Go etsy!!!


17 responses to “Some interesting information…

  1. Thank you for those stats. I feel better already.

    Think you should cut and paste this to that thread. You may become an ETSY hero! Go for it…


  2. I agree, send it to Etsy!

    I think it’s up to us too. We need to advertise it to our customers, it’s as difficult here as it is on the high street, and individual reputation will grow and encourage customers through word of mouth. That’s how I found Etsy in the first place.

  3. There are always going to be whiners. Ebay and Amazon didn’t get made in a day either. Some people just need to get off their duff and do a little advertising of their own. I saw that Etsy article too. Etsy is growing. That is good. Me? I am a buyer and a seller!

  4. Same here! I totally found this site from word of mouth!

  5. I think this person needs to realize that we all have to promote ourselves also. Can’t expect Etsy to do everything. Does she realize that are showcases etc. besides meeting people in the Forums and listing new items. Most of my orders are custom orders from people who I also email links to my shopsite. Sounds like she is having a bad day.

  6. Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

    Matt Hanson

  7. The thing about Etsy that I truly honor is its capacity to empower – – – to empower its sellers and its buyers. The listing and transaction fees are so minute that my expectations to promote my shop and my teams belong *primarily* with *me* and not with Etsy.

    Call me crazy, but I kinda like that!

  8. As a new here on Etsy, I want to say that each seller have to work on their shop promotion ourselves outside of Etsy; and that will help to promoting Etsy too.

    This is a great site and if everybody work together promoting, all of us will win.

  9. I think it’s as much as the seller’s responsibility to advertise as it is Etsy’s – If not more so. If Etsy were to spend money on advertising, like Ebay on the Super Bowl, our fees would be as high as Ebay’s!

  10. you tell them, Rose!!!!
    I quite agree with you. Every month I see a huge whole page advertisment for etsy in my favorite ‘Home Companion’ magazine, also have seen them in various other crafting mags – they’re definitely getting in the places they need to be I think!
    Who wants to be like ebay anyway??????

  11. LOL – good point – I hate e-bay!

  12. that’s quick calculator work! Thanks for the info – I have to start reading the Storque again. Our thread is just growing so quickly (new members!) that it’s hard to read anything OFF the screen, which I enjoy {:-D

  13. Story – I know! I go through waves where I read the Storque DAILY and then days where I can hardly keep up with the threads and my own blog let alone anything else!

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