Rebels Are We – The Design Work

Well – not feeling good today so I had to spend a lot of time sitting still!  That meant I pulled out my paper and pens and started actually drafting out the design I wanted to use for my new purse 🙂  It took a few pieces of paper (and more than one pen) to get to a point where I was starting to be happy with it.  Then I had some inspiration – I could do this work on my photo editing program!  Since the grid I was using to design with was originally from the internet I simply down-loaded it as a picture and started playing.

I’m REALLY glad I did.  The pattern has turned out to much more interesting than it probably would have been had I stuck with my paper.  I was getting TIRED of drawing and re-drawing.  Then again, this was tedius too – just not as hard on the hand.  I may have to look into getting one of those bead designing programs sometime in the next year…  Any one have any suggestions or ever use one?

Moving on – this is the main design!  I ran out of room on the grid – so the small hearts you see on the right will also be repeated on the left – I just wasn’t in the mood at that point to figure out how to make my grid larger…

That’s a 50×50 grid and, to my amazement, it’s no where near as big as I envisioned it might be when I actually started weaving it!

The design work is going to be pretty subtle because I chose a Christmas green that doesn’t contrest a ton with the black – but it works a lot better in person 🙂  I’ll just have to work on getting good photos…

At this point I’m debating expanding the pattern beyond the original design since this will be much smaller than I was thinking it would – but I think I’ll just stitch this and see how long it takes me to do this one side and go from there – I have a feeling I’ll decide that small is fine 😛


10 responses to “Rebels Are We – The Design Work

  1. That’s a great design!

  2. I’m impressed! I’ve never done a design on the computer. I’ll have to try it sometime. But I don’t do beading, I don’t think my eyes could take it. I had to give up cross-stitch because of it. Very nice design, and thanks for sharing your endeavors!

  3. Nancy – I started with cross stitch an I really think that my experience with that really helps me now!

  4. I LOVE beaded purses. Looking forward to seeing your new baby…born.

    I have a program on my computer that allows me to do the grid photo’s but I forgot I had it. Thanks for the reminder!

    a HUG,


  5. 🙂 Thanks Lily! And your welcome!

  6. You’ve reminded me how much I used to enjoy bead weaving. Maybe I’ll try it again when I have more time – at this rate it will be in the 22nd century LOL. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. I’ve always wanted to do seed bead weaving. Do you use a loom, to weave the beads on? It looks like it would take a long time. Though I don’t mind monotonous work…

  8. Sweet! Glad for the progress report — I should do more of those, too.

    Luck with getting the pictures to come out clearer. 😛 Took me ages to get that more-or-less figured out, and I’m still working on it…

  9. I do ok with most pictures (if I don’t hurry to much) but this one is extra challenging – most of my seed bead projects are…

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