My Favorite Color <3

That’s right folks its that time again!  Blog Carnival time with the etsy bloggers.  One choice for this weeks article was to talk about our favorite color – and that’s super easy for me!  Hands down, no questions asked, my favorite color is PURPLE!!!!  Just look at my avatar:

That matches the design on my earring cards and necklace strips – and soon my banner and and business cards as well! *dances in excitement*

In honor of my favorite color I’d like to feature a few of YOU – my dear etsy bloggers – who have excellent uses of the color purple in your work 🙂

These sponges by glorybe are not only practicle – their adorable!

And doesn’t this bath set by spottedcowsoaps look enticing?

If I had a little girl what would I be dressing her in?  That’s right – Purple!

And a loverly decorative bowl

And for a beautiful shrug

And of course I love jewelry – so here’s a few of my fav’s by YOU guys!

A neclace by A Keepers Jackpot

Earrings by DesignByNora

And a bracelet by StormyDesigns!

And now for a few of MY pieces – because the instructions DID say we were supposed to show our favorite color as it appears our work 🙂  Funny thing is that for some reason the only purple pieces I could think of were the one’s I’d kept for myself… then when I started doing a team search for purple I kept finding myself!  Searched my shop and turns out I DO have 11 items.  I’m not going to post them all -don’t worry!  I think I just don’t feel like I have that many cuz really? 11 vs 83 in the shop?  Yeah, not that many.  However a large part of this is I’ve spent a lot of time working on expanding my color range because I know how much I tend towards purple.  Looking at the numbers – I think I can afford to indulge myself some more in my favorite color – what do you think? LOL  Now as long as I can bear to part with them…

My Top Three From My Shop in Purple

Purple Royalty Rope Necklace

Purple Heart Earrings

Purple Snake Bracelet

To see the rest of the pieces I have with purple click HERE.


10 responses to “My Favorite Color <3

  1. As always, you find some beautiful stuff to showcase. Nice job!!

  2. Gorgeous items!

  3. You and me both with the ooh-what-else-can-we-make-that’s-purple. It’s so hard branching out! 😀 Pretty pretty pretty, by the way. I especially love the snakeweave bracelet. 🙂

  4. I was just strolling by our blog, and here I am featured! Thank You so much, Ruth! My fav. color is purple too! Yay! Nice post!

  5. Thanks guys!

    Your welcome Nora 🙂

  6. Thanks for showing off my choker 🙂

  7. the three pieces you chose are just lovely! I was going to pick my favorite one, but it’s just so hard! I didn’t realize how much everybody likes the color purple. In my etsy shop, I just have one necklace that’s purple. Maybe I need to make some more…

  8. There’s lots of purple love in the blog carnival this time. It was nice of you to showcase other’s stuff…I especially like the baby outfit myself.

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