EstyBloggers Featured Blogger

Well – better late then never right?  I’m squeezing in this month’s featured blogger on the last day of the month!  I’m a terrible team mate.  I blame this month being crazy wierd.  Knowing Lily – she’ll forgive me – because Lily is awesome!

That’s right, this month’s featured blogger is Lily of Tulips Treasure Box! Since joing the Etsy Bloggers Team there are a number of team mates that I’ve gotten to know the “best” because they chat so much on-line!  Lily is one of those and over time I’ve learned that she’s not only a great artist – she’s hysterical!  I perk up every time I see she’s put up a new post because half the time – I’m going to be laughing out loud by the time I’m done reading it!

Lily’s art work inspires me and makes me jealous :p  I have a feeling she’s been at this whole bead-weaving thing longer than I have.  Every time I look at her shop I think, “someday, I’ll be able to do that.”  And I may only be dreaming there, because her work is incredible!

Garden of Love

The Blues

Sunflower Cuff


2 responses to “EstyBloggers Featured Blogger

  1. look at all the flowers! So pretty!

  2. Thanks Ruthie, I love U2. You are sweet, kind, and special. Wishing you health and happiness, and another hug from Mr. Ruthie for me.


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