A day at the market :)

So much has been going on lately!  I’m way behind on updating on fun stuff – but I’m going to have to let some of the fun treasuries and such go. *sigh*  I do have to mention that I got to snag my first buy and replace treasury and managed to get some sales for friends!

Today was a pretty good day in Roslyn at the market.  I did pretty good – not as good as last time – but pretty good.  I had a really fun moment when a gal came in wearing some earrings that she had purchased from me!  I had to smile from ear to ear at that one!  AND she bought more jewelry.

I also had to laugh pretty hard when, while weaving, I first stabbed my finger, and then my knee!  Now, granted, most people stab themselves from time to time when using needles.  Many projects involve blood, sweat, and tears!  However – most people don’t manage to stab their KNEE while working on projects!  I’m not sure how I did it, I just know it involved stretching with the needle in my hands…

Came home to find another sale!  I’ve been on a roll this last week 🙂  I’m hoping that this trend will continue!  It’s been really exciting!

I’m starting a three week class in the morning so I’ll be pretty crazy busy over the next few weeks because it’s an all day thing!  I’ll have fun anyway.


One response to “A day at the market :)

  1. have a good time at your classes, and tell us what you’re up to! I only use needles nowadays to pick at splinters! Maybe the occasional loose button…

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