Friday’s Featured Artist – NicolesVisions!

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This week’s featured artist is a gal I had a lot of fun getting to know at the Ellensburg 1st Annual Craft Fair – Nicole of NicolesVisions!  Not only is her work beautiful, I discovered that she has a lot of good business sense and some great ideas to help other sellers!  Oh yes, and did I mention she’s a fellow member of the Eastern Washington Etsy Team?

1. Tell us your story – what first got you started in photography?

Wow. Umm…. My kids? I got my first real camera when my oldest daughter was a baby. I took pictures of her & everything else too. When she grew up & went into the military, I began to think maybe I could do something with my photography. I took pictures of her in uniform that she & everyone else liked. Fast forward to my younger daughter being a senior, & with her prom, I took those pictures as well. It was not only a way to save money, but it was fun. Fast forward to when we moved here to Washington in ’05, my father saw my talent & said I should “do something” with it. We began by hanging some of my work in his café. It totally evolved from there. In fact, it continues to evolve all the time.

Follow up Question – So how many kids do you have?

I have 2 girls. Both are grown now at 21 & 25. My youngest is still back in FL, enjoying life. I’d love to see her follow some modeling dreams, or writing dreams. My oldest is Sunfire of Breath of the Dragon here on Etsy.  She does lots of cool wood burning stuff.

2. What made you decide to open up a shop on Etsy?

My girlfriend encouraged me to open shop here. She has a silver jewelry shop here. We had become friends & in the process she told me all about Etsy. So, here I am!!!  My girlfriend is Kati. Her shop is Awesome Silver Jewelry. She does some really cool stuff with sterling silver. And what’s really neat is the fact she does it all, from designing her pieces, casting them, polishing them & setting stones in those that have them. Nifty stuff!

3. Do you make any other crafts?

I make lots of things now that all incorporate my photography. I started out as just a photographer. You know, the kind that mat & frame pictures & that’s all. I am so much more than that. Sticking with just that I would get bored. So I kind of do other crafts, but they all center on photography. Right now I’m making book marks, note cards & coasters. Who knows what else I’ll come up with to put pictures on.

4. What is your favorite piece you have up on Etsy right now?

That’s gonna be tough. I think it is two fold. My favorite picture on something right now would be my grapes. They are a magnet in this listing:

My favorite “thing” would probably be my coaster set. I will be listing a tile set soon too.

But I also love my new line of book marks, of which I only have 2 listed so far.  Here’s links to the first one, and the second one!

I have a total of 30 different ones so far. I’ll list more of those real soon too.

5. Where do you do your work and do you watch or listen to anything while you work?

I work here at home, mostly at my desk or at a work desk I have behind me. We have set up a nice “office” type area now. I listen to the soaps if I’m working in the afternoon. In the mornings the radio is on. Sometimes, I pull out some of the Goddess Chant CD’s. They totally help me focus & relax so I can do the best work possible.

6. Tell us one fun and entertaining fact about yourself 🙂

I’m totally spacing out on this one. I have no idea what to say. Some people think that because I married a man 10 years younger than me that that would be an entertaining fact? I love it! Best thing I ever did. Well, next to having my girls.

And here’s a few more great pieces by Nicole!

Here’s a set that she offers!

And a set of notecards she offers 🙂


5 responses to “Friday’s Featured Artist – NicolesVisions!

  1. Thanks so much for doing this Ruthie. It was allot fun!!

  2. Hey! That’s my mom!
    *happy dance*

  3. great pieces, Nicole. Never can have enough bookmarks.

    Good questions, too, Rose. I haven’t gotten up the nerve to do interviews, even when I don’t have to sit face to face! Will try soon.

  4. Thanks!! I really enjoy making the bookmarks too. It’s very rewarding.

  5. Nicole is my cousin and took pictures of me before I had my 2 children. Her work is beautiful. Great interveiw

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