Creating Jewelry in Beautiful Vancouver

I honestly spent my first couple of days in Vancouver in a creative slump.  Not because I was home visiting per se, or because I didn’t have enough time to weave, but out of sheer frustration.  It all started on the drive home.  Normally, since my husband likes to do all the driving, I bring along weaving projects and weave the entire time we’re on the road.  It keeps me from going stir crazy!  And, for some odd reason, I can weave without getting car sick but not read.  Go figure.

Well, my first project was really small and finished in very little time.  That at least  was successful – although I am thinking of redoing it to make it bigger…  Anyway, I then moved on to one of my Swarovski crystal bracelets that I was going to make for Bu in payment for her painting some pendants for me.  Um, yeah, that’s when I discovered that the base beads I’d bought to compliment the crystal were the wrong color!  Massively disappointing.  So I pulled out my next project, a Christmas present that I had designed.  One problem.  I’ve only ever done even count peyote.  When I designed this I failed to notice that it was odd count peyote.  Grrr!!!  Still, ever busy, I moved on to the next project.  One I knew I’d have no problems with because it’s one of my lace necklaces that I’ve made at least a dozen of!  Wrong.  That’s when the road started getting curvy and next thing I knew I was spilling beads.  I gave up in frustration and spent the rest of the trip with painfully idle hands.

The frustration continued…  I printed up instructions on odd count peyote and went back to work on the Christmas present with no success.  I tried 3 different times to make it work, over several days, and it just wasn’t working!  I think I simply need to get more comfortable with the stitch in a more basic pattern – which is ok because this is a Christmas present – but frustrating because at home I could simple grab some different beads and do so!  LOL  Oh well.  I also discovered that one of the colors of beads that I had bought specifically for the project is junk >_>  So I’m going to have to find something different.

The good news is I finally snapped out of my slump!  Yesterday I wasn’t feeling very good so I stayed home the entire day and did a bunch of random things.  Including 8 new listings 🙂  I also spent a few hours weaving last night while watching the Olympics 🙂

Today I’m going to spend the day watching movies with some of my closest friends and I intend to bring along the few weaving projects I have left that are viable and weave all day!  Yippee!  You should be seeing several new weaving projects when I get home 🙂

For now I’ll leave you with these – my new Funky Sky Blue Earrings!


3 responses to “Creating Jewelry in Beautiful Vancouver

  1. Ugh…now I feel frustrated. I could NEVER do any work or read or sit in the back seat when traveling. No one in the car would appreciate the results!



  2. wow – you had a lot of projects lined up! Good thing, eh? Glad you’re on a roll again.

    Your pic on the top of the post, looks like “my” museum’s Red River Trading Post – with the blockhouses and big tree trunks. That’s in Oklahoma, and you’re photo’s from Vancouver?

  3. Yep – that’s in Vancouver. Focus of fourth grade field trips out here. 😀

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