Feeling the Love :)

As I’ve mentioned, I’m on vacation, so while I’ve been trying to stay as “on top of things” as I can with all the distractions, I’m still a wee bit behind on posting up some fun stuff!  I have been getting lots of what my friend storybeader calls “screen time.”  And it’s a lot of fun!

First up, I found myself in a treasury!  Its not up any more, but the super-duper-exciting part is, this was created by a complete stranger!!!

Then, my friend Kate of Om Shanti Handcrafts mentioned me in when she was featured on the front page of Wickedly Chic! It’s a site whose header reads, “Independent Shopping for the Wickedly Chic.”

As if that wasn’t enough…I’m also in a giveaway right now!  Check it out and enter to win this bracelet!

My friend storybeader that I mentioned earlier is also hosting a buy and replace treasury.  And I’m in it!

AND – just for the fun of it – I made a treasury today!

Have a great day and don’t forget to check out the last day of the etsy bloggers team sale!!!


2 responses to “Feeling the Love :)

  1. WOW – you’re all over the place! And not at home, in your cozy corner (or wherever you sit). Nice you were able to keep up with things. Have a nice Sunday!

  2. Thanks story! You too 🙂

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