Friday’s Featured Seller – The Vintage Dresser!

aLtErEd ArT Vintage Doll Coat

This week I’m featuring TheVintageDresser.  This shop is another member of the Eastern Washington Etsy Team – and it’s a mother/daughter team!  I had lot of fun getting to know these ladies and I’m sure you will too 🙂  So – here’s Nancy (the Mom portion of the team) and Tania (the daughter portion of the team)!

1. Tell us your story…what made you decide to open up a shop together?

We have been participating in craft shows/bazaars for years with minimal success. We had a show at my house for about 7 years. We would clear out several rooms and fill them with our handmade goodies! We advertised by word of mouth, newspaper, flyers, signs, etc. and while we did okay, it just wasn’t very profitable in the end… especially when you consider the amount of work and time involved. So, I said to my mom one day, “we should open an online store together!”. We started out with eBay and have had our eBay store for several years now. Then we discovered Etsy! It has been slow getting started, but we are starting to pick up speed so to speak! We are slowly building a following of loyal customers and both stores are doing well.

2. You have a lot of different items in your shop – in your own words – what type of items to you create?

We are both decorative painters, seamstresses, and scrapbookers! So we create it all! Hand painted items, dolls and bears, cards, altered art and mixed media, collage… you name it! Many of our projects are trash-to-treasure transformations, we love shopping together at garage sales, thrift stores, antique shops ,and flea markets which is where we find most of our items that we transform or repurpose into beautiful “new” treasures.

3. Do you make any other crafts?

Nancy – I do tole and decorative painting, cut some of my own wood items that I paint, do scrapbooking & card making. I am a seamstress but haven’t been very active in that area for a while. However, I’ve been having an itch to sew something, so I may get back to doing that soon.

Tania – I am really into altered art right now. I love taking lots of everyday objects and creating new and different works of art with them. This includes mixed media and collage. I’ve been thinking about recreating some of the old fashioned funky crafts that our grandma’s used to make and putting my own spin on them, so keep your eyes open for that!

Nancy– Tania is also a painter. She does a fantastic job & she’s never had a lesson! I tried to get her interested when she was younger and living at home still, but she wouldn’t have anything to do with it then, of course! Kids! Now she has a daughter that’s crafty when she can stay focused on it! So the creative gene is trickling down thru the generations!

4. What is your favorite piece you have up on etsy right now?

Nancy – I guess it would be my Halloween bentwood box with the black cat & pumpkins painted on it. It’s filled with silk fall leaves & faux gourds and has an electric flicker candle that gives it an eerie Halloween feel!

Tania – I really love my tote bag purse with the vintage needlework piece on it! It is a farm scene and I used cute farm related fabric for lining, pockets, and the handle, it is such a unique item, no one else anywhere would have one like it!

5. Where do you do your work and what do you watch or listen to while you work?

Nancy – I have a craft room where I create things. I also have a woodworking shop in the backyard that my husband built for me. I usually have the TV tuned in to HGTV—home decorating shows, mostly. Or I just work in quiet sometimes if there’s nothing on I’m interested in.

Tania – I also have a craft room downstairs in my house. I like to call it my studio though, makes me feel more like an artist instead of just a “crafter”!!! I like to work in silence, I don’t watch TV or listen to music. It’s just me and my thoughts and ideas!

6. Tell the readers one random and fun fact about yourself 🙂

Nancy – I have oodles of cook books and I don’t even like to cook!

Tania – I have a HUGE sweet tooth and sometimes when I’m really desperate, I’ll mix up a batch of powdered sugar frosting to eat or I’ll eat sweetened condensed milk! Yummy!!

And now for a few of my favorite pieces from their shop!

This Halloween Collage is just too perfect!

I just love these vintage owls they have for sale!

And this Bumblebee Doll is just adorable 🙂


3 responses to “Friday’s Featured Seller – The Vintage Dresser!

  1. Interesting and fun feature. Hard to believe that Halloween is approaching with the Fall.


  2. I know! Time is flying!

  3. What a wonderful interview!!!

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