Beadweaving Fun!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen – my wrist is healed enough that I can bead weave again! I made this over the course of the afternoon 🙂

It’s a choker done in the Potawatomi style – which the bead book I got it from says came from a book on Native American designs!  Cool huh?  This is the second one I’ve made – the first was my Patriotic Weave necklace – but I like this one a lot better :p  The dangles are optional to the design and I didn’t include them in my first one – I like it a LOT  better with the dangles!

I love bead weaving for many reasons.  I find it extremely relaxing for one!  Which is perfect for a day like today where I really just don’t feel that good.  I also love the many different things that can be done with bead weaving!  I’m constantly learning new styles and, if you check out my hand woven section in my shop, you’ll see that there’s a pretty good variety of styles already!

I learned a new pattern today that I love!  I can’t show it to you though because its my first Christmas present I’ve created this year 🙂


3 responses to “Beadweaving Fun!

  1. great colors, and I love the drops too.

    Potawatomi tribal land in Oklahoma is in the center of the state, east of Oklahoma City (I live in the southwest)

  2. Cool! I didn’t know that !

  3. There are indeed Bodwadmi in Oklahoma. There they are known as the Citizen Nation Potawatomi. There are also bands of Potawatomi in Kansas (the Prairie Band), in Wisconsin, Michigan and Canada.

    The Potawatomi were mostly driven out of Indiana and parts of Michigan in 1838. That’s how they ended up in Kansas and Oklahoma.

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