Slowly healing…

So it turns out it wasn’t actually a break – just a really bad sprain that made the doctors really suspicious!  I’m wearing a normal brace now and skating by with just barely any pain killers!  That makes me and my hubby very happy.  🙂  So I’m slowly starting to work on the many projects I had planned for this month.  Won’t get them all done at this point … but trying to start making some headway!  I haven’t tried making anything yet, but I’m pretty sure I could do the basic stringing necklaces and bracelets since I did that with my cast/splint/thing on!  Of course at the time my dear friend was here at the time and she did the crimps for me 😛  I should be able to handle that now!  Today all I’ve been doing is starting to catch up on being a social butterfly and working on organizing some pictures I took the weekend before hurting my wrist.  That leads to starting to update my phtotos and add some newitems that I’ve had but never found the time to get on-line!  I think my inventory is twice as big as I have on-line.  Need to catch upon that 😛

Here’s one pair I listed today – sweet and simple!


3 responses to “Slowly healing…

  1. They are lovely earrings, and glad you are getting better. Catch you on the thread

  2. simple and sweet. and great for Decemmber!

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