A Jewelry Makers Book Review

I had to laugh when I realized that this edition of the etsy bloggers Blog Carnival assigned us to review a book!  I spend so much time reading that its a rather easy chore for me in general.  AND I even have a book for jewelry artists to recommend!  I borrowed this book from my friend Jeanna of GeckoJewelry and I plan on buying my own copy to keep as a reference!

This book has lots of wonderful advice on how to price your jewelry, how to handle wholesale and consignment sales, advertising, creating your image, and all the various nuts and bolts of being a successful jewelry artist!  Its helped me re-think some of my pricing and I look forward to implementing a lot of the ideas as my silly damaged wrist heals 🙂


5 responses to “A Jewelry Makers Book Review

  1. this is great – I’m going to look for it. Thanks for sharing. {:-Deb

  2. Hey “silly damaged wrist”…its gotta suck! oops :~)

    Thanks. Will be getting this book too. ANYTHING to sell some of my ever growing stock of goodies!!!


  3. You guys are welcome 🙂

  4. Great tip – although I don’t make jewelry, I can appreciate how handy this must be – and the business side is probably universal!

  5. The best book I have found yet! A must have for jewelry makers….

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