I’m talented!

I say that tongue in cheek. No, I’m not referring to my jewelry creations or anything else artistic like that.  Unfortunately.  No, I’m referrring to the type of talent no one really wants – extreme clutziness!  Yes, I am a clutz.  It often leads to interesting and amusing situations.  I’ve learned over the years that its better to just laugh at myself and move on.  Last night was one of the harder nights to find a reason to laugh.

The day started off fantastic.  I had all these great ideas for expanding the business and projects that I wanted to work on.  I got lot of errands run too!  Then, in the late afternoon as I was coming home from grocery shopping, it happened.  I did the classic old lady move (note: I’m only 25).  I fell walking up a small set of stairs.  Not entirely sure how I managed that.  I remember the grocery bag banging against the step and throwing me off balance – but after that I went down so fast that its all rather a blur.

My right arm took the brunt of the impact.  It hurt!  We ended up going into ER because icing it wasn’t really reducing the pain.  Several hours, and x-rays, later the verdict came back.  “You may have broken your wrist, it’s kinda iffy, but because of the level of pain and one area of tenderness that we are always extra careful with, you get to wear cast-like splint for a week and then you need to go into your local doctor and get more x-rays.”

Oh joy.

Did I mention I’m in a craft fair on Saturday?

The good news is that I’m semi-ambidextrous so I should be able to do some jewlery making – like stringing necklaces.  Also, one of my best friends is coming up and doing the show with me and staying for the weekend.  She can help me with set up and carrying things.

Still – I’m rather talented eh?


11 responses to “I’m talented!

  1. How horrible! Hopefully you have everything you need already and will not be needing to string anything!

  2. Oh how I wish that was the case! Good thing I’m a flexible survivor 😛

  3. Oh noooo, best wishes for a very speedy recovery. Maybe the sympathy factor will help your sales this week-end 😀

  4. * hugs * Don’t worry! I’ll help as much as I can! 🙂 I’ll be the pack llama.

  5. I’m hoping for some sympathy sales 😀 It’s my only comfort! That and my pack llama friend 😀

  6. Oh no!! That sounds like something I would do!! I hope you’ll heal quick!

  7. thanks stormy 🙂

  8. what a bummer! at least the jewelry isn’t heavy, but the display! Remember, this too will pass, and it will be one of those stupid things that happened. Maybe in 3 months time…

  9. thanks for making me grin story!

  10. Ruthie, I’m sorry to hear about your fall. I’m a huge clutz, and took a nasty fall last week. Tripped and fell backwards on concrete! Nothing broken, but some huge bruises. Anyway, I can relate, and I hope you are better soon! Hang in there!


  11. Oh dear Ruthie! I think your pack llama friend is awesome, as is the sympathy sales suggestion.

    Keep that wrist in view!

    Best wishes,

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