Tired and Happy

I did my second farmers market today – and it was a raging success!  I’m really tired…but not as sore and tired as I was after the last one!  Last time we nearly got blown away.  It was really exhausting!  This time we were in a better location in the market AND it wasn’t anywhere near as windy.  Great combination!  I’m still sore from tear down and set up and everything – but I’m counting that as the good muscle building sore.  I hope…

I’m out of school now so I’m scrambling to do all those business related projects that I just didn’t have time for around homework and all that.  Yesterday I took a whole TON of photos so that my entire inventory had at least ONE photo per item.  I’m sore from that too because my photo set up is on the floor…need to get it up on a table >_>  I’m planning on working on a new inventory system that will be easier when I do fairs and markets and I’ll label the photos to go with that.  *whew*

PLUS – the Ellensburg First Annual Etsy Fair is this Saturday!  I have a ton to do to get readdy for that too.  I think I’m going to be going non-stop business wise all week 🙂 Should be fun 😛  I’ll relax a little more after the show is over.

One awesome challange for preparing for the show next week is that I sold a lot in today’s market!  I trippled my sales from what I did in my first market!  I think having professionally designed earring cards and necklace strips really helped to attract attention.  The new display’s my friends Dad made me helped a TON too. 🙂

The beautiful thing about making so many sales is that I can afford to buy several things for the shop that I’ve been wanting to get.  The overwhelming thing is that I have to make a whole much more for Saturday than I had originally invisioned!  I’ve already started in on that making earrings and such.

Have a great week you all!


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