My Mother’s Influence

Growing up I spent many hours watching my mother cook and do other creative activities.  One thing she did over and over was say “Oh!  This looks great!  Especially if I change this and this…”  Just ask her, she rarely cooks a recipe exactly how its written and many of her crafting projects end up individualized as well!  I have inherited this trait from  my mother.  There are some craft projects and techniques where I end up following the exact pattern the first time, but I usually change at least the colors involved!

My mother-in-law has long term loaned me this book.

There are a lot of projects in here that I’ve been dying to try – but I’ve been trying REALLY hard to be a good girl and not spend the money on them.  Well – I realized the other day that for some of the projects I just needed the write diameter of wire – so I picked up a spool when I was buying some seed beads.  Last night, I sat down to create!

I was learning how to make a closed spiral.  Now none of these patterns are designed to be used in earrings, but when has that ever stopped me?  I saw these and I was instantly like “ooo…if I added some crystal and put it on an earring wire….”

Here’s the results :

Here’s the links to them in my shop.  Blue & Purple!

I also started playing around, just trying to get the feel for the wire, and came up with this!


4 responses to “My Mother’s Influence

  1. like the earrings, Ruthie!

  2. I give in – I’m so stinkin’ jealous! Grrrr…


  3. LOL – once again I have created a monster 😀

    *dances in glee*

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