Keeping busy

There’s SO much to do right now!  I’ve gotten quite a bit of jewelry making done in the last few days…and there’s soooo much more that I want to do!  Heading into the last two weeks of school and getting ready to take a trip for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary, so I don’t have anywhere near as much time to create as I would like right now!  That’s ok though, I’ll live, and I’m headed into a break soon!

Things I want to do for the business while on break:

~ Survive the craft fair – and make money!

~ Take lots and lots and lots of jewelry pictures!

~ Regulary post items on etsy.

~ Particpate in the etsy forums regularly.

~ Put business flyers up around town.

~ Start and maintain a flickr account.

~ Get more involveded in my new etsy team – Etsy Bloggers Street Team!

~ And of course – make lots of jewelry!  If I make enough at the fair (and with farmers markets) I have several things I want to try…I just need more money to justify spending the money needed 😛

Oh! One thing I’m really excited about is I’m having earring cards and strips to hang necklaces with designed for me by thefineprint on etsy.  I should have the final designs soon (what I’ve seen so far is PERFECT) and I’m looking forward to having pretties to attach my jewelry too!  It’ll make things look much better for the next farmers market and for the upcoming craft fair.  I’m really excited about it!


2 responses to “Keeping busy

  1. making a list has always helped me – and I love when I can cross things off! Not too familiar with workpress, but I love when the small window pops up, when you’re on top of a link. Great feature.

  2. storybeader – thanks! I like wordpress for the most part – just sad that it doesn’t let me plug in my etsy mini 😦

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