Friday’s Featured Artist – DaisysMosaics!

This weeks featured artist is a fellow member of the Eastern Washington Etsy Team and a mosaic artist!  I was very excited when I first saw her work because I’ve always been fascinated by mosaics.  Her work is beautiful and Tami is a great person – enjoy her interview!

1. Tell us your story…what first got you working with mosaic art?

All my life I have loved and been fascinated by all kinds of artwork. When I was 15 years old I bought my first painting. I saved 6 months and paid $375.00 in 1977 for an abstarct oil painting by a local artist. Many people in my family have had a natural talent for drawing and painting. Not so with me! But I have always enjoyed all forms of arts and crafts. About 10 years ago a friend introduced me to mosaic art. I fell in love with it. It has been a medium that I have found is endless in it’s creativity. I love mixing, breaking, hunting for my tesserae. I love creating beauty out of brokenness!

That of course lead to a follow up question…what on earth is tesserae?

Tesserae is a word used to describe mosaic art tiles. When you use tesserae it covers the variety of mediums from broken china to venetian glass, marble etc.

2. Your profile says that you’ve been on-line for about 4 years now, what got you started selling on-line? And do you do any craft fairs or brick and mortar stores?

I was a single mother for years while my sons were growing up, sometimes working 2 jobs to keep up. I remarried when my youngest was 18. A year and half later I quit my managment job I had for 6 years to break china and sell it online. My husband and everyone thought I had lost it! Inside of me though it just felt right and time for me to break out of just doing to make a living. Money is not anything when your Spirit feels like a dried up piece of old pita bread. I stuck with it. Learned all I could about the internet and was a powerseller on ebay by my 3rd month there. I also had a brick and mortor storefront here in my hometown for 2 years. Sold supplies, my art and gave art classes.

3. Do you do any other crafts?
My son has been teaching me to oil paint. I love making handmade tiles. Played with jewelry. Tearing paper and decopauging. Ceramics. Polymar clay.

4. What are some of your favorite pieces you have up on etsy right now?
My Earth Mirror in my etsy store right now is my fav. I am thinking it does not sell by the end of July. It’s mine to keep! I have done a series of mosaic crosses also that each is unique and has a personal message in each one made.

Earth Mirror


In His Name Broken Heart Gerber Daisy Love Cross


5. Where do you do your work and what do you watch or listen to while you work?
I have a covered porch that I like to sit out on in the evening. I also have a 10 by 25 ft art shed with a table and umbrella in front of it to hang out. I have my obsessive abundance at my fingertips there. Sometimes I just go in. Sit. And all the objects and goodies inspire me. But to my families chargin I can be found to be doing art from anywhere in the kitchen to the bathroom. Yes one day I was in the bathrrom stainglassing the countertop. My hubby kept asking me what I was doing in there? so if I am in the mood to create not too much stops me. I do like to be listening to music while I work. I love ol Rock and Roll, Blues and Christian Rock. Kenny Wayne Shepard to Third Day and ZZ Top. It is all good! A person can dance and break china.

6. Tell the readers one fun and random thing about yourself!

I have rock climed mountains, snowmobiled, skiied, played hockey but I have to say that riding my Heritage Deluxe down the highway is just about as good as it gets. My husband has a Harley Davidson Roadking and in July of 2006 for our anniversary he got my Deluxe for me. I love riding that motorcycle. My hubby said when he first met me I did not have much of a sense of humor but I do now!

Now, as always, here are a few of my favorite pieces!

Porcelain Rose FuNkY DaiSy Polka Dot Pendant Bold Necklace

Forget Me Not Chintz Mosaic China Photo Frame

Lady Carlisle Chintz Porcelain Rose Gorgeous Mosaic Tiles


To check out previous interviews check at the side of the blog for links!  Also…make sure you visit Tami’s shop and check out the rest of her beautiful work!


2 responses to “Friday’s Featured Artist – DaisysMosaics!

  1. I love mosaics! DaisysMosaics has some neat ceramic tiles, and finished products!

  2. Doesn’t she though? I love her stuff!

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