Preparin for the Craft Fair!

I’m very excited to be preparing to participate in my first craft show – and it’s right here in Ellensburg on August 2nd!  To get all the details check out this blog post from our wonderful organizer!

One thing I learned at the market this last week is that I don’t have anywhere near as much jewelry made as I thought I did.  Oh sure, I have around 100 pieces made, but really, that doesn’t take up as much space as I thought it did.  So one of my big things for this next month is to create as much as I can while still doing my best in my classes.  We’ll see how well that works out 😛  It is really good to know though, because I was kinda starting to dry up on motivation and a part of it was thinking that I already had so much made…and now I see how much that really amounts to >_>

I’ve also sat down, gone through all my beading magazines, and made a list of weaving projects that I want to try.  I had started to expand my repertoire, but I think having an actual written out plan for what I can try in the near future will really help that!  The piece at the top is one of those.  I was already working on it, but I finished up yesterday!  The design is called a Spiral Rope Chain and I have some ideas for some even snazzier versions of it that I plan to produce soon!

Also…I haven’t gotten anything posted on etsy recently…I’ve been re-listing the last week or so but that’s been it because of a lack of time and energy.  Well…I’m headed to go post three new items!  So go check them out.  Especially if you like the rope at the top of the post…because that’s the first one I’ll post!


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