Blown Away

As I said in my last post, I got to do my first farmers market on Sunday!  The above picture is the booth that I shared with Jeanna of Gecko Jewelry.  As you can see it wasn’t anything super fancy, but it was ours!  And we did really well 🙂  Jeanna made a lot more than I did, but I made $47 which I think was pretty good considering I didn’t really have a very good display set up.  That’s what you get for doing things at the last minute.  😛  This was my table:

I was supposed to have more upright displays that I borrowed from Jeanna, but we quickly realized that it was WAY TOO windy to have them up.  I’m pretty amazed that the one on the left (earrings in a cross-stitch hoop) stayed up, it was my only up right that lasted the day.  My pretty purple frame died a horrible death after being dashed to the floor to many times, but at least I only payed a $1 for it 😀  I love the dollar tree…

We knew it was windy, and had to make a lot of adjustments to our original set up plans as we set up for the morning, but we had no idea how bad it was going to get.  One of the nice things about sharing a booth is that Jeanna and I could spell each other.  Have one person man the station and the other go wander and look at other people’s work or use the potty.  Well, when Jeanna took off for the first time we had our first really major gust that caught the whole market by surprise.

We were located on the end, so that didn’t help any, and we were only tied to one other tent.  The wind was so bad that it took both of our tents and moved them by several feet!  I had to sprint to catch Jeanna’s display (pictured below) as it was literally trying to blow away as well!  Fortunately one of the other vendors and a random passerby helped by holding the tent while I held the display.  It took a long time to get everything put back together after that!

We spent most of the rest of the day manning our battle stations as it were.  Things kept blowing around, and we each had to take a post and hold on when the big gusts hit.  Since it was next to my table I held Jeanna’s big display frame.  My shoulders are so sore from that and fixing the tent (which kept trying to fall apart on us in the wind).  Jeanna stood at her table, with the cash bag, and held down that corner of the tent because it had the disconcerting habit of trying to lift up and away.

We were both exhausted by the end of the day, but we had made some money, and we had discovered that we love partnering up to do stuff like this!  I’m really excited about continuing to work with her for markets and other craft ventures over my next two years studying here at CWU.  She’s a wonderful gal and it’s great to have someone local to exchange ideas, advice, and encouragement with.  I have a very dear friend back home that I talk jewelry stuff with all the time (she’s sharing a booth with me for the craft fair in August!) but she doesn’t know any of the local stuff, and she’s not selling on-line at the moment so we can’t commiserate and share discoveries that way yet.  Yet.  I might get her hooked, we’ll see 😉

Next time we go out to Roslyn we’re hoping to have a booth that’s at least one or two spaces in so we don’t get the brunt of the wind.  But hey, we survived the experience, and we didn’t lose our tent!  The flower vendor that was also on the end and two booths over actually had their tent end up in the middle of the street when the first big gust hit and they had to simply fold up and put it away!

Crazy, fun, money making, friendship creating, exhausting, joy-filled day.  Oh yeah 🙂


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