A pair of sandals…

One question I read over and over again on etsy and in blogs is “where do you find your inspiration?”  People are fascinated by the artistic process and always seem to be curious about where the different artists come up with there ideas.  Some times an artist finds their inspiration from what seem to be very traditional sources, other times, it’s from random things that might surprise you!

Yesterday I had one of those moments.  I was sitting in my last class of the day, tired and trying hard to focus, when a girls sandals caught my eye.  They were simple sandals, a very traditional brown and all that, but it was the pattern that was embroidered into the strap that caught my eye.  I’m hoping no one caught me staring at her feet!  They might get weird ideas about me >_>

Anyway, next thing I knew I found myself flipping over my sheet of notes and sketching patterns for a woven bracelet.  I had two “flops” from that and two that I think might be rather promising.  Neither of them look exactly like her sandals, but I’m really looking forward to pulling out my pencils and graph paper tonight and seeing if I can really make them work!  It’s hard to tell for sure until I put a pattern to graph paper.

So that’s me and one of the weird places I get my ideas 🙂


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