The Ramblings of my Mind…

Today was the start of summer quarter and I am taking a creative writing course.  We had an assignment today that was rather specific in how we were to format it and even giving us the starting line.  So what did I write about?  What else?  Jewelry of course!  This is a bit rough, I haven’t really edited or revised it, but that’s ok.  I’m sure ya’ll forgive me 😉


“I couldn’t hold on to a nickle,

Every penny was spent as soon as I received it.

Sorting through shiny glass beads.

Awed by the colors,

Inspired by the possibilites.

Threading my needle and weaving a pattern,

Sucking away the drop of blood from my finger.

Searching for just the right combination,

Working tirelessly until it’s done.

Glorious satisfaction and pride at the end.

Obsessed like a dragon over her hoard.”

And in honor of that poem-thingy I found this picture (I love using google!)


2 responses to “The Ramblings of my Mind…

  1. “It’s not a project until you’ve bled on it!”

    Usually said by people who sew but somehow it winds up true for us all…


  2. And since my woven designs are like sewing with beads…it ends up very true for me!

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