Saturday Musings…

There are so many things I could write about today!  It’s been a busy week.  I’ve been enjoying my week off from school and trying to use the time well to get things done for the business.  I’ve done a lot!  Feels like I’ve been going strong all week long.  Instead of trying to catch you all up on EVERY LITTLE THING I’ve been doing, I’ll just highlight this one piece that I made that I love!  If you love it too, visit my site, and you’ll have the opportunity to make it your very own 😀

So the story begins…

I made a variety of purchases from Shipwreck Beads a week or two ago.  Among those were some frog scrimshaws that looked utterly adorable on the site.  I got a pair of two thinking that they’d make some cute earrings.  Hah.  I didn’t notice how big the dimensions were!  The instant I saw them in their package I realized that they were going be necklace pendants and not earrings.  I didn’t have any clue what I was going to do with them though.  So I stuck them in my pendant box and decided to think about it for a bit.

Then, earlier this week, I was at the Yakima Craft Warehouse and I came across some gorgeous African Opals in the sale bin.  Now, they have a whole wall of African Opals, but I’m guessing they are no longer selling this particular style because this was the only strand of them that I saw, there were none on the wall.  So I snatched them!  Because African Opals are my newest addiction.  I also have a bracelet set, and a pair of dangling earrings, that I’ve made out of them recently.

Driving home I was thinking about what to make with them…when it hit me…the frog scrimshaw!  So I went home, played around a little bit, added in some black serrated agates and seed beads, and there it was!  In all it’s multi-colored, chunky, glory.

I also had the pleasure of joining my first team this week!  I’m now a proud member of the Eastern Washington Etsy Team, and I love these guys!

I’m enjoying making new friends, the community feel, and the support that being part of a team provides!  I’m going to get to meet one of the team members soon too!  She lives and works here in E-berg and participates in the local Farmers Market.  She won’t be there this week, so I have to wait to meet her, but I’m planning on going out next week to meet her!  I’m thinking she may be one of my upcoming “Friday’s Feature Sellers” too.

Ok, one last thing, I found these on etsy last night and they are just too cute!  I’m seriously thinking about buying them…I’m just not sure I can get my nerdy husband to put his on his backpack.  *sigh*


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