I have my first sale on etsy and my first treasury listing! I’m so excited!  Ok, so I cheated a bit.  It’s not some random stranger, this is the commissioned piece from my friend Bu that I mentioned before, but she still paid for it through etsy and all!  I’m very happy to have that first sale showing up on my profile!

Here’s how it turned out 😀

I’m also in my first treasury!  Thank you Lauren of TheChainMailleLady 😀

Below is my picture of it, but I encourage you to go check out the rest of the treasures by following this Treasury link 😀

I’m in the top center of the pic 😀

I had an awful day…slept most of it away with migraines…but I’m having a fantastic night!


2 responses to “Firsts!

  1. I was hoping you would sell something! I have been in at least 7 treasuries and still have not sold another thing. (Still at 3 sales) One of which, like you, was my girlfriend who bought the earrings right off my ears! I had her pay for them thru paypal so I could see how the system works.

    When I set up my YART items for sale, I checked to see who had hearted them and then I sent them each a convo telling them the item they had hearted was now on sale. If you do this be sure to change the wording each time, if not, ETSY will think you are a spammer and block you from convoing. They did it to me once and I told them I was sending thank yous to those who had hearted me and ETSY told me to use email!! Good luck with your sale!

  2. Thanks! I only have one heart right now 😦 But I think I’ll take your idea and go e-mail her! I hope we both get some YART sales!

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