Adjusting Plans…

One fact of life is that plans are always changing.  You may start your day thinking “I’m going to do this and this and this,” but by the end of the day have accomplished 5 different things, none of which were on the original list!  Perhaps my life is a little more like this than most people’s as I struggle with multiple health problems, but at least it’s taught me to be flexible.  Yesterday I had planned to clean up my work area and spend time working with my husband to create a light box, if we can, to enable me to take better photos of my jewelry.  Instead I lost my entire morning to a migraine and needed to sit still for most of the afternoon as I fought of the tail end of said migraine.  Oh well.  I got other things done!  I sat and watched old 80’s movies on cable and weaved instead.

I made significant progress on the piece my friend Bu commissioned.  I’m having fun with it!

I also started another project I’ve had in my head.  I tend to work on at least two things at once because I can only sit and weave the same pattern for so long before I need a break.  I have a bunch of rocks that my father in law found, polished, and drilled holes in for me.  One in particular has been floating in my brain to use in my first ever multi-strand necklace.  So I started that!  I only have one strand done, but I’m looking forward to working on the other two.  I usually use beadalon wire when I make necklaces, and this is my first with thread instead.  (Non-woven that is) It’s a slightly different technique, but I like it so far!

I’ve also decided that I officially love my new little pouch that I got for $1.97 at Wal-Mart when shopping the other day!  I had ample opportunity to use it as I wove yesterday and it’s much more practical than the plastic box-thing I was using before.  I look forward to throwing it in my back-pack and working on projects during my afternoon break between classes!

Sorry this pics is fuzzier than normal…

On a random note…I think I need to buy a bulletin board or something.  The wall in front of my desk is getting more and more cluttered with sticky notes…


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