A day of fun and shopping!

Today’s been a productive day jewelry-wise.  I haven’t done much creating (although I’m all set up to start a project when I’m done writing this), but I did gather information and do some shopping!

The boring information and shopping is that Wal-Mart has padded mailer bags for way cheaper than anything I’d found here in my little small town!  That’s going to help as I review my shipping costs so I can make them as accurate and low as possible for my etsy customers.  I also found a little make-up pouch thing that has 3 pouches that will fit easily in my backpack so I can take my weaving projects with me on the go!

Now to the fun stuff 😀

I make a variety of styles of jewelry…as you can see from visiting my shop at etsy.com…but the last day or two has been very focused on my woven projects.  I have one commission that I’m almost done with for my friend Stephanie’s Mom:

It’s kinda hard to see the pattern on this one because it doesn’t really photograph well.  It’s a basic diagonal pattern using a really dark grey for two rows and light green for one row…and so on and so on.  This is officially my most created bracelet!  I have one for sale up on etsy, made one just for Stephanie so that it was the perfect size, and now I’m making one for her mother!  I’ve repeated patterns before, but never this many times in the same color!  I’m still starting out in my jewelry business, so before now I’ve usually made them for myself and friends, which meant very little repeating.  It’s been a challenge to teach myself to remake the same item again and again.  I’m sure it’s good for me though.

I have another woven bracelet that I started while waiting for Stephanie to get back to me on what exact size her mother needed.  The idea was one of those that came to me while I was falling asleep one night.  It’s amazing how active my mind is during that time!  Fortunately I remembered it easily the next day and was able to sketch it.  Then I went out and found these beads:

I’m not much of a pink person myself, but these caught my eye and I thought they’d be perfect for the design I’d sketched!  What do you think?

I’m having a lot of fun with that one, but I’m putting it aside to start working on my newest commission which is a green and blue woven bracelet based off of this design.

I bought the beads for the newly commissioned bracelet today, some findings (ready made things like clasps), and for several other projects, I had a lot of fun!  Can you tell?


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