The End of an Era

That’s right folks, an era has ended.  What do I mean by that?  Well, simply put, this blog will no longer be hosted on WordPress. I have a lot of reasons, and I wrote a nice pretty post about it on the new site, so if you want to keep following go to:


An Artist Revealed…

I was recently tagged that by Spirit Mama in a blog game!  I’m supposed to reveal 6 secrets about myself and then tag six others so…here goes! And sorry, not all of these are really secrets…

1. I can’t keep my hands still.  I mean, not like they shake (well except for when I’m all drugged up for asthma), but I always have to be doing something with them!  All the time!  If I don’t have anything to play with, I go for my rings, earrings, necklace, bracelet…

2. I once had an ER Tech offer to go through the drive-through at the place I worked so I wouldn’t have to bother with calling in.

3. I deal with severe chronic depression and I was suicidal when I was younger.  No, you don’t have to worry about me killing myself now, and all my etsy friends go a long ways as a natural therapy for depression! Thanks everyone!

4. I’ve danced on tv, twice.  I’ve also been known to dance in the middle of store isles, on random stages not currently in use, on the side of the freeway, and even in a War Memorial that looks like Stonehenge.

5. I own over 400 books – ok, not a secret, but a fun fact 🙂

6. I’ve been known to do whatever I can to freak out telemarketers.  When I was unmarried my phone was listed with just my first initial and my last name.  So when people called asking for Mr. or Mrs. Andersen I’d freak out, “would you people quit calling me? He’s dead ok! Let me mourn in peace!”  Or I’d ask when I’d married my brother…  Yes, I know, I’m mean, but I honestly didn’t do that more than maybe, 10 times?

Ok now it’s your turn! I’m too tired to think of who I want to nominate that I don’t already know has been nominated…so I’m just going to challenge YOU to reveal all!

Friday’s Featured Artist!

Celtic Swirls

This weeks wonderful artist is a friend of mine!  Her name is Connie, but she goes by Sunfire on-line, and she runs the wonderful shop BreathoftheDragon!  I had a lot of fun in August when we both participated in the 1st Annual Ellensburg Craft Fair and got to chat and see each other’s work in person.  We’ve been chit-chatting on-line ever since and she never ceases to entertain and amuse me 😛 Not to mention I love her work!  But enough from me…I’ll let you get to know her for yourself!

1. Tell us your story, what got you started in this business?

I was in the US Navy for 5 years, got out back in April 2006 because I did not want to ruin my body to meet their physical standards (I had shin splints that only got worse because of the running test each year). I finished my time, and was Honorably Discharged. Within a year of being out, and living in a town in WV, without getting a job within biking distance, I had to move, so I told mom “Here I come.” Now I’m living at home here in Wenatchee with my mom (thank the Gods she loves me as much as she does). Being around her and the crafty aura kinda rubbed off, and I decided, in late 2007, that I wanted to be crafty and make money, too. So I picked up a hobby I had tried once before – wood burning. Over the holidays, I made quite a few pieces to pass the time while jobless (still), and I got quite a few encouraging words from friends and family. Someone suggested I list a few things on Etsy, and in January, I did. The rest is, well, history in the making.

Speaking of gel candles, she currently has as start-up kit and other supplies up on etsy on destash!

2. Do you make any other crafts?

— I’ve tried making gel-candles before, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did the wood burning. I would like to try a variety of things, including making my own incense. But there are also a lot of different crafty things I can do with my wood burning, as my current “to try” list shows: keychains, coasters, picture frames, candle holders, bookmarks, and maybe eventually using wood pieces in jewelry…

3. What’s your favorite piece you have up on etsy right now?

That’s tough. I can’t decide if my favorite piece is the one I had the most fun making (Gypsy trinket box: made for an Etsy Team Challenge);

The one I am most proud of (Dream / Cherish / Live);

Or the one that I personally just love the most (Kanji Elements magnet set).

4. Where do you do your work and what do you listen to while you work?

I usually work wherever, as long as I have somewhere to plug in my wood burning pens. I have a handy tempered glass mat to work on, which sits nicely on my lap. Most of the time, though, I can be found burning at my desk, where I spend a lot of time anyhow. As for what I listen to, if I’m not watching soaps with mom, I’ve got my XM Radio on. Sometimes it’s set to the dance channel, sometimes the Hitlist, just depends on my mood and what I’m making. Detailed pieces I like to hear soothing, ambient sounds. Simple yet repetitive work is good for the techno stuff.

5. Looking at your work you have everything from Chinese characters to Celtic swirls – what draws you to the patterns you use in your work?

I go with things I like, and I’ve always been one that likes a lot of different things. Also, I wanted to make sure I have a variety of stuff, for a variety of people. I do market to the Pagan population, but I don’t want to alienate other religions or cultures. Coming up soon you should see the Eye of Ra, dragonflies, fairies, dragons, and probably some more Kanji (Japanese writing) symbols. I am also open to custom orders, so if you like unicorns or angels, or flowers or anime, just ask. I’d love the chance to practice different styles and themes.

6. Tell us one random thing about yourself!

Besides the fact that I can be very random? *breaks out in the Smurfs theme song* LOL
Well, I go barefoot a lot. I love a man who lives over 5000 miles away, whom I last saw in 2002. I don’t eat certain foods because of their texture in my mouth. I have a bad habit of starting things but not finishing them (except this hobby so far). Hmm… I’m sure I could go on and on, but I’ll save you all from that 😉

Now here’s a few of my favorite pieces by Sunfire!

Sorry – you can’t buy this first one!

But how could I feature my friend without showing you the magnet I bought from her?

I love this Rose!

And I think this star is beautiful 🙂

Rebels Are We – Progress Report

I had these fancy ideas that I would keep track of the hours put in on the project, take a picture every 5 hours, and post updates that way.  Well, that was a nice theory except 5 hours came and went with no ability to take a photo.  Hours tracking has fallen by the wayside as well.  I think I’m a little over 7 hours at this point.

I realized early on that it was a great thing that I had this on my computer so I can write all over the printed design as much as I want.  After the first few times of having to pull things out because I had screwed up, again, I started drawing lines through each row as I finished it.  Helps a LOT.  I’ve still made mistakes and had to pull things out…but no where near as many as I would have other wise!

Anyway, I’m getting close to finishing the first side!  The pattern is dark – but I like it.  Just almost impossible to photograph…

Why yes, I AM a geek!

Manifestations of my geekiness have long been evident in my day to day life.  Everything from the little green Yoda that sits on my book case, to the many sci-fi and fantasy books I own, and of course the jedi-cape that my stuffed Koala bear wears!  Most recently I joined a team on etsy full of people dedicated to the memory of the show Firefly.

And now, the latest evidence of my geekiness, a bracelet dedicated to the show Heroes!

But that’s not all folks!  The geekiness continues…  Over the last few days I’ve been working on designing a whole line of “geek themed” bracelets!  Look forward to Mario, Legend of Zelda, Batman, and more to be debuting in the next few months 🙂

Only problem is going to be fitting this in around my many other projects I’ve got going…

Loving the Beads <3

Ok, so this is SUCH an over due blog!  I’ve been planning on writting this for days and for some reason it just keeps not getting written.  In my defense – life has been insane lately.

One of my goals has been to review items that I buy on etsy so that you guys get to see wonderful things that I get!  Free publicity for the sellers right?

The first is actually not beads.  Despite the title of my blog 😛  I got some AWESOME lip balm from rachel323.  Here’s the pic she had up to advertise it:

I forgot to take a picture of the actual lip balm, but I can say that I love it!  Rachel was really sweet when my original purchase got lost in the mail.  Not only did she send me an new tube, she sent an extra one!  I was so surprised!  And honored 😀  It’s not a scent that I like, BUT I’m going to give it one of my best friends and I can’t WAIT to see how she likes it 🙂  I definitely will be buying more when I have money 🙂  I’m thinking blackberrry, cappuccino, and fresh lime

Now on to the beads!

My friend who runs breathofthedragon recently put up some beads on destash – and I snapped ’em up!  Not sure yet exactly what I’m going to do with them, but they are gorgeous shells 🙂

I recently custom ordered some beads to go with a pendant I traded for with my friend gogokioko:

The beads are shaped like coffee beans!  They are reddish and I’ve got a few ideas of how I’ll use them with some wood beads I have to make a wonderfully addictive necklace 🙂

I also bought these from the same seller, crazyladybeads.  I don’t know precisely what I’m going to do with them yet.  I might put them in a fancy bracelet or I might make some spendy and fancy earrings…

Lastly, but definitely not least I went CRAZY in justDESTASHbeads and bought WAY more than I should – but the price was sooooo righ!  Imagine my joy when I opened the pack and saw all of these…

Oh yes I’m a happy girl 🙂  The only down side is…I had to leave most of my beads in Ellensburg when I came home to stay with my parents for a week while Moses finished packing up our apartment 😦  I’ve been keeping myself busy with weaving projects and doing designing!  And, the good news is, I’ll have plenty to keep myself busy with over the next month or two as I hope and pray for orders to come in to replenish my bank account!

Getting talked about…

I had a customer recently that was really awesome and ordered several pieces from me.  She just e-mailed to tell me I got a mention in her blog!  That’s always exciting 😀